• Javier Chozas is an artist who investigates the relationship between digital identity or identities and personal identity, including the way in which we alter our online behaviour and how it affects us. In La fuite des lucioles the artist reflects on the information overload caused by access to social networks and the Internet. He sees us as glow-worms dazzled by the immediacy and volume of information, and by the lack of privacy of this medium.
  • social networks, digital identity, personal identity, installation, lights and shadows.
  • Javier Chozas | La fuite des lucioles, [The flight of the glow-worms], 2014-2015

    This work has been carried out during his residencies at La Panacée, Montpellier, France, and at the Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre, Girona, Spain, carried out thanks to a creative research grant awarded by the ETAC (Cross-Border Contemporary Art Space). The project arose from a reflection of the duality that exists between individual ecstasy and the emotional fabric in the use of social networks and the Internet, materialised through a set of spatial geometries, constructed with hypnotic light. The result is an installation in which he plays with darkness and dazzling light in order to talk about the loss of experience we suffer as we allow ourselves to be drawn in by our digital identity. The artist creates a parallelism between glow-worms hypnotised around a light source and the way we become dazzled and distracted by the overload of information on the Internet.

    La fuite des lucioles, [The flight of the glow-worms], 2014-2015


    Mixed technique

    Varying sizes

    Exhibition and creative process

    La fuite des lucioles, [La fugida de les cuques de llum], 2014-2015. Procés creatiu

    Javier Chozas

    Madrid, 1972
    Lives and works in Vienna, Austria

    Javier Chozas researches the field of new technologies and the construction of personal identity. His work invites us to explore his perspective on the digital era, without adopting a particular position. He is not interested in showing us its positive or negative side but rather, adopting a critical approach, he opens our eyes to a reality of which we are perhaps unaware, a reality beyond physical reality, since digital identity (how we represent ourselves to others) is sometimes very different from personal identity.

    The information overload, immediacy, urgency and “voluntary” lack of privacy generated by new technologies are themes that the artist analyses and uses in order to invite us to reflect on what is hidden behind the new digital age, where not everything is what it seems; the digital world has the capacity to generate different realities for the same thing or individual. He produces conceptual works, installations and sculptures which typically explore the plastic possibilities of light and which experiment with new media.

    He holds a Degree in Architecture from the Higher Technical School of Architecture (ETSAM), Madrid, Spain (2009), and a Master’s Degree in Art, Creation and Research from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain (2013), of which he is currently an honorary lecturer. He has carried out doctoral studies at the Ruskin School of Oxford University through a grant awarded by the British Hispanic Foundation (2014). He is currently undertaking a Master’s Degree in Media Art Cultures at Danube University Krems, Austria (2015).

    He has exhibited his work in “The Wild Bunch” at the ASM28 Gallery, Madrid, Spain (2012); at the Blanca Berlín Gallery, Madrid, Spain (2012); in “Transmediale satellite partners”, Berlin, Germany (2011); in “Destino Berlín” at Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany (2011); in “News, Events and Friends Reflective” at Medialab Prado, Madrid, Spain (2011); in “Interventions” at the Art Claims Impulse Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2010); at the La Zúa Gallery as part of the “La Noche en Blanco” event, Madrid, Spain (2010); in “Boundless” at the Don Gallery, Shanghai, China (2010); and at the Arcaute Gallery, Beijing, China (2009), among others.

    He has published the essay El tiempo digital, Narciso Narcotizado. Diseño Editorial (2014). He has been awarded a Santander Bank Foundation grant, through the Entreacto call for applications, Madrid, Spain (2013); the Antoni Gelabert City of Palma Award, Palma de Mallorca, Spain (2013); an artistic production grant of the Art and Law Foundation, Madrid, Spain (2011); and an award at the 4th Drawing Competition of the Centenera Jaraba Foundation, Alovera, Castile La Mancha, Spain (2011).

    He has completed artist residencies at Casa de Velázquez, Madrid, Spain (2013); at the Addaya Contemporary Art Centre, Alaró, Mallorca, Spain (2013); at El Ranchito, Madrid, Spain (2011); at GlogauAir, Berlin, Germany (2010); and at Platform China, Beijing, China (2009).